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Quest Diagnostics Instructions

  • Eat and drink as you usually do in the days leading up to taking this test.
  • Do not eat or drink for 8 hours before the test. No sips of water, gum, or mints.
  • Report to the laboratory.
  • Your fasting blood will be drawn.
  • You will then be given the solution of glucose to drink. Three additional blood draws will occur. Samples will be drawn 1, 2, and 3 hours after drinking the glucose.
  • You may NOT EAT or DRINK until all samples are collected. No sips of water, gum, or mints.
  • In office lab draw with Quest Diagnostics is scheduled at 8:45 AM and we are limited to only one draw per day. Please make sure that you have a scheduled appointment before arriving.
  • If you choose to schedule at MidMichigan Medical Center please see below for separate instructions.
  • For a pregnancy information center or unplanned parenthood information click now for more data.

MidMichigan Medical Center Instructions

  • Call the lab at least three days in advance to schedule an appointment:
    • Midland 989-839-3460 option 6
    • Gladwin 989-246-6263
    • Clare 989-802-8850
  • For three days prior to the test, eat your normal diet WITH one extra slice of bread at each of your three daily meals.
  • Do not eat for 10 or 12 hours before arriving to the lab. No sips of water, gum, or mints.

Brach’s Jelly Beans instead of Glucola

  • All above instructions apply. Quest and MidMichigan Medical Center have slightly different instructions. Please follow the instructions of the lab that will be doing the blood draw.
  • Instead of drinking the glucose, you will need to eat 56 Brach’s jelly beans within a 10 minute period after having your fasting blood drawn.
  • The lab will not provide the jelly beans.


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