Office Policy Effective 06/01/2021

ALL individuals regardless of vaccination status MUST wear a mask. We are following the current recommendations of MDHHS for healthcare facilities.

1 support person over the age of 16 is now welcome (for both procedures and routine visits) if they screen negative for symptoms and exposure.

Pregnancy Resources

COVID Vaccine Pregnant Patient Handout


3 HR POST GLUCOLA – Test must be scheduled.

  • For three days prior to the test, eat your normal diet WITH one extra slice of bread at each meal.
  • Do not eat for 10-12 hours before coming to the lab. Water may be taken as you desire, but this is the only exception.
  • Report to the laboratory. DO NOT EAT.
  • Your fasting blood will be drawn.
  • You will then be given the solution of glucose to drink. Three additional blood draws will occur. Samples will be drawn 1, 2, and 3 hours after drinking the glucose.
  • You may NOT EAT until all samples are collected.
  • In office lab draw with Quest Diagnostics is scheduled at 8:45 and we are limited to only one draw per day. Please make sure that you have a scheduled appointment before arriving.
  • If you choose to schedule at MidMichigan Medical Center call 989-839-3460 to schedule in Midland or Gladwin or call 989-802-8850 to schedule in Clare. Please make sure that you have a scheduled appointment before arriving.


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