Scheduling the FemVue procedure

Call on the first day of your cycle…if it happens to be on Saturday or Sunday you must call Monday morning.

If you don’t call us on cycle day 1 or on Monday morning if your cycle started over the weekend we will not be able to schedule you until your next cycle.

You must have had an ultrasound for infertility within the last 6 months prior to FemVue procedure to be scheduled – this can not be done on the same day as the FemVue procedure.

The FemVue procedure will be scheduled on a Thursday at 10:00am during cycle day (5-10).

Pre-procedure Instructions

Once FemVue is scheduled refrain from unprotected intercourse until after procedure.

You may want to take 600-800mg of ibuprofen prior to arrival of the procedure.

If your doctor prescribed you Cytotec follow the instructions and use the night prior to the procedure.

Please make sure you have contacted your insurance company with the codes provided to you. This procedure may or may not be covered. Any patient balances are due in FULL within 30 days.