Office Policy Effective 06/01/2021

ALL individuals regardless of vaccination status MUST wear a mask. We are following the current recommendations of MDHHS for healthcare facilities.

1 support person over the age of 16 is now welcome (for both procedures and routine visits) if they screen negative for symptoms and exposure.

Heavy Menstration

Pre-appointment checklist

Print out this page and bring with you to your appointment to help get the discussion started with your doctor.

Things to discuss with your Doctor
  • I feel like my periods are very heavy and/or long-lasting
  • My bleeding is so heavy that I need to change my pad or tampon every 1-2 hours
  • I often need to wear both a tampon AND pad for double protection
  • My periods sometimes contain large clots
  • I wear dark clothing because I worry about accidents
  • I feel tired all the time when I have my period or I have been told that I am anemic
  • My excessive menstrual bleeding has caused me to miss work, or to skip social or athletic events
  • My excessive menstrual bleeding affects my sex life
  • I feel like I have to plan my life around my period
  • My periods make me feel anxious, depressed and/or stressed out
  • I feel that my life would improve if I had less bleeding or no bleeding each month