Essure Permanent Contraception





What is Essure?

Essure is a proven permanent birth control procedure that works with your body to create a natural barrier against pregnancy.

Essure offers women what no other birth control ever has

*No surgery, burning, or anesthesia

*No hormones

*No slowing down to recover

*Short 10-minute procedure time

*Peace-of-mind-your doctor can confirm when you can rely on Essure for birth control

*The most effective form of permanent birth control available

*Trusted by hundreds of thousands of women and their doctors for over five years

…And you’ll never have to worry about unplanned pregnancy again.

Here’s how Essure compares

  Essure Tubal Ligation Vasectomy IUD Pill
Hormone-free X X X *  
Incision-free X     X X
No hospital visit necessary X   X X X
Permanent X X X    
Doesn’t require general anesthesia X   X X X
Rapid recovery (in 1-2 days or sooner) X     X X
Confirmation Test X   X    
Failure Rates 0.05% (1 year) .55% (1 year) 0.74% 0.20% 8%
*Some IUDs contain hormones, while others don’t.        

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